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L’isola nuda
L’isola nuda Bollati Boringhieri Editore 2008

The Naked Island is Dunja Badnjevic’s first novel, and it is a brief “double” biography, four-hand-written by a father and his daughter. On one side there is the interesting and anguished life of the father - the great idealist who fought from his early youth until his elder age pursuing his ideals for a better world in an utopian sense. He has paid his verbal actions and his communist view of life with both nazist and Tito’s prisons. On the other side his daughter lives her life with the reflections of her father’s choices. She recalls all her father’s life’s events like a social and human inner painting of a Country that doesn’t exist anymore: Yougoslavie.Dunja Badnjevic won the prize Arturo Bandini for this debut novel.
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