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Rubén Gallego
Rubén Gallego

Rubén Gallego was separated from his family at the age of one. He was raised in a series of Soviet state institutions, and then worked as a computer specialist until 2000, when he was reunited with his mother.

WHITE ON BLACK, the autobiografical memoir of his own life, was awarded the Russian Booket Prize in 2003.

After some years spent in Freiburg, Germany, now Rubén lives in the USA with his wife and their daughter.

His masterpiece

White on black

This extraordinary personal testament, the story of one boy’s triumph in the face of impossibile obstacles.
Born with celebral palsy in Moscow, Rubén Gallego was hidden away in Soviet state institutions by his maternal granfather, the secretary general of the Spanish Communist Party in the 1960s. His was a boyhood spent in orphanages, hospitals, and old-ages homes, a life of emotional deprivation and loss of human dignità. And yet, there is no self-pity here, no bitterness. Gallego’s story is one of neglect and mistreatment but also of shared small pleasures, of courage, of the power of the human will, and of a child’s growing fashination with literature and the worlds he finds in it. A book like no other.

Foreign sales: Adelphi (Italy), Actes Sud (France), Schirmer Graf (Germany), Ediouro Publicaçoes Ltda (Brasil), Ersatz HB (Sweden), Harcourt (U.S.A.), Kagge Forlag (Norway), The Eurasian Publishing Group (Taiwan), Gabo Publishers (Hungary), Kosmos (The Netherlands), Znak (Poland), Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing (Israel), JPV (Iceland) and Dereta (Serbia).

More recent

Sachmaty (Ajedrez)

The survival game of a couple of friends, Rubén and Misha, both invalid and living in a Soviet orphanage. They join forces (Misha’s brilliant cleverness and Rubén’s limited mobility) to give their destinies a luckier path. A touching, autobiographical novel.

Foreign sales: Adelphi (Italy), Pedra da Lua (Portugal), Znak (Poland).



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